SEMRush Trial 2021: Get the 14 days Free trial ($99 Worth)


SEMrush is an all-in-one digital marketing package with all types of professional tools like SEO, PPC, and Keyword research. In layman terms, the SEMrush tool is used by bloggers and other digital marketers to bring more website traffic and revenue. Get the Free trial now

Are you looking for a SEMrush Free trial before purchasing the account? So check this SEMRush promo code for 14 days free trial. This 14 days trial will give a complete idea of how they are useful for your online marketing improvements for your blogging business.

After completing the 14 days of trial, you can choose the perfect plan, which is suitable for your needs. If you are looking for a SEMRush trial without a credit card, I will tell you the details about this. In fact, this is not possible. SEMRush will ask the credit card details for the transaction authentication before providing it. This is just for validation. After 14 days, you can use the free version of SEMRush with limited features.

semrush internet marketing tool
SEMRUSH Free Trial 2021

So this is the best place to save huge money and get the world’s best internet marketing tool.

SEMrush is an all-in-one digital marketing package with all types of professional tools like SEO, PPC, and Keyword research.

In layman terms, the SEMrush tool is used by bloggers and other internet marketers to bring more traffic and revenue.

I am using SEMRush Free version since 2 years even though complete my SEMrush 14 days Free trial.

I learned more from their knowledge resources and with their ebook library. This is a compulsory tool for every blogger and internet marketers in 2021.

Therefore it is a tool that finds out the most trusted and profitable keywords for optimizing the blogs or creates content in order to reach the audience for better user experience and visibility.

How to use SEMRush to Improve SEO? There are small to medium-sized business houses that can get benefitted by optimizing and making most of the things on their website within a stipulated budget.

There are thousands of tools floating on the internet that helps in maximizing the online visibility of your site.

But most promises to give insights into their competitors or marketing activity, however, the tools are highly-priced and could not be afforded by everyone. You can check my SEMRush Review 2021.

What we can do with SEMRush?

The Semrush helps you these

  • You can spy and pick your competitor’s best-performing keywords
  • You can analyze your blog and competitor’s backlinks
  • You can estimate any blog traffic
  • You can analyze and get best topic ideas with Topic research tool
  • You can find and fix on-page related issues of your blog posts by using Web site audit feature
  • You can check the domain to domain comparison
  • You can find the best profitable keywords for any niche
  • You can create a complete marketing plan with SEO content template
  • You can write awesome content within the SEMrush SEO writing assistant dashboard

Features of SEMRush

  1. Domain Analytics: Get the complete insights of your competitor’s strengths and weakness details like Organic keywords, backlinks, Traffic analytics, and more.
  2. Keyword Analytics: This feature gives the complete details of your target keywords like Phrase math, related keywords, and ads history.
  3. Projects: You can conduct web site audit with this tool. It gives the complete audit report like social media tracking, organic traffic insights, Backlink auditing, On-Page SEO checking and Content Analysis, and more details. By following project report suggestions, you can improve blog visibility in search engines.
  4. Marketing Insights: You can create a complete marketing plan and know the marketing strategy of your competitors.
  5. Gap Analysis: You can analyze your competitor’s domain keywords up to 5 domains at a time by using Keyword Gap, Backlink gap, and Bulk analysis features.
  6. Topic Research: It gives rivals content analysis information to write winning content. It gives the best performance articles list with autogenerated titles.
  7. SEO Content Template: You can create well-crafted SEO friendly content by using this template recommendation.
  8. SEO Writing Assistant: By following the SEO content template feature, this assistant helps you to check your written content here. This tool will give you the overall score of your content, readability, Recommended keywords list, and many more.
  9. Lead Generation Tool: By placing the code, it increases the conversion rate.
  10. Listing Management: It improves your business information and distributes to dozens of authoritative directories.
  11. CPC Map: It gives the complete CPC (Cost per Click) report of the particular industry in the last 30 days in a specified country. Here you will get high paying and profitable keywords.

SEMrush Free Trial 2021: It’s Worth $99

How to activate the SEMrush free trial?

We are having a good relationship with the SEMrush team. They are providing a premium plan at free of cost for Blogging Den readers like you up to 14 days.

Step 1: Go for SEMrush 14 days Trial

First, you need to click the below button to grab the Exclusive offer on SEMRush pro account (Worth $99).


You will be redirected to the signup page. Here fill the Email and password of your choice and fill the captcha (If it is available). Now click the green button.

Go to SEMRUSH offer page

Step 2: Check the SEMRush Pro Trial 2021

Now you will be redirected to the subscription page like below. Enter your details (Email, Password and Billing details) and grab the 14 days free account. Finally, click on the “Place the order” button.


SEMRUSH trial action page

Step 3: Confirm the Trial and Save $99

You can use the SEMRush 14 days of free trial with full features. After 14 days you will be charged $99 per month. You can cancel the account anytime. Once you use this internet marketing tool, definitely you will like the power of SEMrush.

Simply SEMrush is an all-rounder SEO tool to best better traffic from the Google search engine.


You can analyze your competitor’s details like profitable keywords, high traffic keywords, and ranking keywords and their backlinking strategy. By using this data you can improve your blog ranking easily.

Here is the special SEMRush promo code 2021. After completing your free trial access, you can unlock the premium features to spread your wings on the internet marketing world with your blog rankings. Here is the SEMrush promo with 14 days free trial account.

You are sure to enjoy SEMrush fantastic $99 discount on the Award-Winning SEO Audit tool. But hurry, the offer is only available for BloggingDen Readers.

SEMRush Free Trial

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Site Audit feature
On-Page Analysis feature
Keyword Research Feature
SEO Writing Assistance


SEMrush is an all-in-one digital marketing package with all types of professional tools like SEO, PPC, and Keyword research. In layman terms, the SEMrush tool is used by bloggers and other digital marketers to bring more website traffic and revenue. Get the Free trial now


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